Friday, February 15, 2008

We'd better start having children, STAT

I develop an obsession!

It's with the work of a local artist, Shaylind Standing, who creates the most amazing, whimsical, colorful pieces with acrylic and ink. Not only is she a wonderful artist, but she's also very gracious, as evidenced by the patient way she's responded to my 1,000 excited emails since I found her.

Below are a few things I bought from her Etsy shop. They're so perfect for Madeline and Kirby's rooms that I've obviously had to start amassing them. I'm also buying pieces for just about everyone I know, so you're welcome.


dana said...

Oh my word, those are so charming! I am checking out her website right now.

Constant Dreamer said...

Wow! How awesome! Thank you for the great review.

S said...

You've got to buy some, Dana.

Hi, Constant Dreamer! :) Thanks for the use of the photos!

Danielle said...

I'm a huge Shaylind fan, too! I've hung 3 of her prints in my boys' room, and one in their playroom. I also gifted my sister one, and kept one for myself on my desk. I'm a bit of an addict. We're going to have a custom done when we get around to actually devoting the money to art, and I'm beside myself about it!

S said...

Hi h&b's mama, nice to have you. The customs on wood look amazing, don't they?