Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Open Letter to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Dear Honorable Sir,

You're not a hyperbole, which I appreciate. You really are, in fact, Magic.

For some reason, my kitchen sink is made of porcelin or ceramic or some other easily scratchable surface, which may have looked nice when originally installed, until 20 seconds later when someone actually washed a dish. I obsessed over those black marks for weeks, searching countless hardware stores for the plumbers' rubber Google assured would remove them.

I bought you on a whim, on a day when I imagined that I would clean like the Housewife I was not born to be. I tried you on the sink, without an ounce of elbow grease, and you WORKED! Immediately! I was so inspired I cleaned the whole kitchen with you. Lo and below, the counters were actually white, not tan. Who knew?

They say children are a Gift from God, but it's clear, Mr. Eraser, that you, actually, are it.

With sincere hopes for your perpetual existence,


dana said...

My latest cleaning product obsession is called "Bar Keeper's Friend." It's a powder that cleans everything-- it even polishes my stainless steel sink and appliances.

But the Magic Eraser sounds better than a powder, so maybe I'll look into that...

Anonymous said...

It also works on those pesky scuff marks on the floor. Mo