Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looks Like We're Going to Need More Sprite

The DNB has the flu!

Or some variation on the stomach-gurgling-run-over-by-a-truck ailment that's been going around.

This month, he's working with a private doctor we'll call Dr. Yagyob. So far, the DNB has been doing things like seeing patients while Dr. Yagyob shops for bistro tables online. When things get slow around the office, good 'ole Dr. Y sets the DNB up with 45 minute VHS tapes of himself giving lectures. In 1993. And there's a veritable boxful, the lucky boy.

However, being Infirm & Pathetic as he is at the moment, the DNB called in sick.

"Well, you could still come in and watch videos," Dr. Yagyob suggested. "And visit the porcelain throne as needed."

"Ummm," the DNB hesitated.

"Or I guess you could just stay home and rest," Dr. Yagyob went on. Clearly Answer A was the correct choice. Dr. Y has earned the right to shop online when he should be working and to actually recuperate when he is ailing. The DNB, but a lowly intern, has earned the right to nothing.

"Yeah, I'll stay home," the DNB replied, never one to Man Up when ill.

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