Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Get a Sore Throat and Make Bad Decisions

My first mistake was using the DNB's otoscope in combination with my lit magnifying mirror to examine my throat. If you've never seen the inside of your mouth, I don't recommend it.

My second mistake was Googling images of other people's throats, to compare my various red spots and tonsil shapes to theirs. People have some nasty shit going on in their mouths.

My third mistake was this blog post.


dana said...

Cure for the lingering mental images of other people's throats:

Drink some Sprite.

S said...

Excellent advice - I'm on it!

chris alan jones said...

I've read through the last several posts. Amusing and enlightening as always. I will keep in mind that it is not always as useful as one might think to be in a relationship/married with/to someone with a potentially useful profession.