Thursday, February 21, 2008

He's My Girly Man

"I need to buy a brown coat," announces the DNB.

"Okay," I say. "Why?"

"So that when I wear brown pants, my coat will match," he replies. Sounds reasonable enough. I did, after all, spend three years of my life teaching him the brown belt/brown shoes rule.

"And because I really want a Burberry scarf," he continues, eliminating the last shred of masculinity he had left in the conversation.


Kyle said...

hahaha - I, too, have learned the brown belt/black shoes rule from my wife. Now, understand that I, by default, am at a disadvantage because I am an electrical engineer. Now I can't wear my Black pea coat when I am wearing black shoes. I dont' have aspirations for a burberry scarf because I like to maintain a balance in my checking account.

Kyle said...

i mean brown shoes - oops, apparently I haven't learned yet :)

Anonymous said...

I suggest that he just get a cute little camel number and it will go with everything. MO

S said...

"Cute little camel number" may be my favorite thing you have ever said.

Hi, Kyler, welcome back. :)

Kyle said...

Oh, I've been here the whole time - just quiet. I know - Hard to believe ;)

chris alan jones said...

to use the vernacular for my comment on this post and the last several.... "lol."