Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well, that kind of sucked.

I'm trying to be an adult about this because - let's face it - it's just a birthday, and there are bigger things to be concerned with. Like world hunger and testicular cancer.

Still, when the One for Whom You have Forsaken All Others forgets your special day it's difficult to not become perturbed. So perturbed that you don't answer his call when he finally remembers, and by "remembers" I mean sees your incredibly passive aggressive Facebook status and tries to redeem himself by phoning at 11:56pm because Hey, Your Birthday Isn't Over Yet!

It was a shitty thing to do, and no amount of busyness can really take away from that. But shittier still because it's the way we do life: he forgets and I remember. He becomes wrapped up in his own life and projects and forgets the world around him - bills and birthdays together. And I remember, and remind him, and when he still can't manage to do what needs to be done, I do it for him.

Which tends to work out, except for when it's my birthday. Because although I feel no shame in buying my own birthday present, I must draw the line at uttering birthday pleasantries to myself.

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