Monday, January 7, 2008

This is Going to be Fun

Last Christmas, the DNB and I took to standing my brother's Derek Jeter life size cardboard cut-out in various surprising places around my parents' house. In bed next to my sister as she napped, in the middle of my mother's garage parking space, looking out a window onto the front porch, etc. Each time, he was dressed a little differently, to fit the occasion.

Unfortunately, the Derek Jeter model has been discontinued. I learned this with great disappointment as I was shopping for one of our very own to give the DNB this Christmas. So I had no choice but to resort to this:

I realize the quality of the picture is horrible, but it's the best I could do Christmas Eve as I snuck around getting him positioned by the tree. The DNB's father calls him My Master Plan.

The other day, I hid our Heartbreaking Hero and His Hairless Chest in the DNB's closet.

Later, I walked into the bathroom and stopped cold. A shadowy figure stood silently behind the shower curtain.

After changing my underwear, I shrieked down to the DNB, "That's MY WORST FEAR!"

He was laughing so hard he could barely make it up the stairs, but when he did, he stood back to admire his work. "That is just so creepy."

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dana said...

The random-placement concept is brilliant-- I might steal the idea. I have an old Amy Grant cardboard cutout or two around here somewhere...

But placing it behind the shower curtain is just not nice.