Thursday, January 3, 2008

S Takes the Bus, with Apprehension

"Good luck on the bus," the DNB whispers as he kisses me goodbye. I am instantly awake, slumber forgotten.

Today is the day I'm taking the bus.

It's a little ridiculous that I've never taken a city bus to get around, especially here. In the Twin Cities, they're affordable and reliable and get to drive on the shoulder to avoid traffic. But I'm scared with the fear of a novice - that I won't be able to figure out where to drop my change and everyone will point and laugh at me. Or I'll wait for hours at the wrong stop and get frostbite on my toes. Or that the thing will be full-up with crazies staring at me with their good eyes.

I've been planning for some time to ride the bus when I begin work downtown, since I am 1) Poor and 2) Working for a company that won't spring for parking. But since my car's check engine light is still blinking frantically, and I have a pre-work meeting downtown, today is my practice ride.

I am surprised to find that it is NOT THAT BAD.

As it happens, the crazies are all staying in today and the stops are well-marked. I only had to ask the driver for help once, and he was very understanding. Downtown Minneapolis has a fabulous skyway system, which means that other than waiting for your bus, you need be outdoors only if you choose to.

I feel like such a native.

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dana said...

I'm so proud of you. :)