Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have I mentioned that being married to a doctor is NOT AT ALL HELPFUL?

"What did you just eat?" the DNB asks as he peers down my throat using a Very Important Medical Instrument.

"Nuhhhhting," I try to say.

"Hmmm," he replies, in the thoughtful doctorish way he learned in medical school. "Well I guess those tiny white specks mean you either have strep throat or mono."

"WHAT?!" I exclaim, thankful yet again that I hadn't eaten tiny white specks for dinner. "I've had strep or mono for TWO WEEKS completely UNDIAGNOSED by the DOCTOR WHO LIVES IN MY HOUSE?"

"Apparently," he says, turning off his Very Important Medical Instrument's light with a click and climbing into bed.

"Okay fine." He's clearly taking this whole leaving work at work thing too seriously. "What can I do for it, whatever it is?"

"Gargle salt water," he suggests. "Or drink Sprite."

"Still no drugs?" I ask hopefully.

"Nope," he says cheerfully, adjusting his pillow and rolling over.

I spend the night restlessly, trying to sleep without swallowing.


Anonymous said...

What does DNB stand for? -- Dad

S said...

It's always the best when your parents start reading.

Dad, see the link that says "Who's the DNB" at the right.

Anonymous said...

I once thought I had mono for an entire year, but it turns out I was just really bored.