Monday, December 3, 2007

Reason #5787 Why Nordstrom is My Favorite Store

"It's okay," says the DNB with an alarmingly unusual attitude. "You keep shopping. I'm going to wander around a bit."

We're at a Private Shopping Event at Nordstrom, and the DNB has just realized that when I said "refreshments" would be served, I meant FREE BOOZE! And APPETIZERS!

I'm purchasing a number of makeup items that I've suddenly realized I need when the DNB waltzes by, handing off a vodka and cranberry juice as he passes. "I think I'll check out the men's department," he says as he skips off.

I finish my shopping and find the DNB sitting contentedly in women's shoes. The department, that is, although he's halfway through his fourth complimentary adult beverage, so nothing is impossible. "I think I've figured out their serving pattern," he says quietly of the servers. "And I've camped out here to intercept them after they refill their trays."

He won't leave until his drink is empty, so we try on cashmere scarves as he sips. "Look look!" he says suddenly, under his breath. I turn to see two men bucking the Nordstrom demographic in wife beaters, gold chains, baggy pants, and vinyl emblem jackets with faux fur collarz. White men, who want to be black: whack.

"I've been watching them for a while," the DNB continues as we watch them scurry around double-fisting their cocktails. "They've been running all over the place getting drinks and food. " As if because he's wearing a button-down shirt, he's absolved from the same.

"Another drink, sir?" A server, all but on a first-name basis with the DNB, offers him chardonnay.

"Oh, I don't know," laughs the DNB jovially, taking a glass.

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dana said...

That story also qualifies as Reason #5787 Why I Wish We Had a Nordstrom Here.