Saturday, December 1, 2007


He's not what I wanted.

I feel terrible - absolutely wretched - for saying that. But I was expecting something different. Something small and adorable. He's tall, all limbs, with a small head and an underbite, and runs like a hyena.

Ka Liko and he are involved in the cosmic alpha dog struggle of constant humping and sniffing. He's marking the house; drips on our carpet, the coffee table, and the plants. Aikane, who is the pack leader in his own mind, occasionally jumps into the fray to go for a quick hump, but spends most of his time in my lap, giving the others wide berth.

Nahoa is very trusting and loving toward the DNB and I. He licks my face and paws my hand when he wants attention. He loves the new ball we bought, and sits contentedly chewing on it when the others give him a worry-free moment. His name means bold.

After his owner had a stroke, he ended up in a pound in rural Ohio. Unable to find him a home soon enough, the local shelter marked him for euthanization. But a rescue organization here in the Twin Cities wanted him to have another chance, and transported him, along with vans full of other dogs and cats, to a parking lot crowded with waiting adoptive and foster parents.

We're just fostering, for now. Until everyone settles in and the chaos subsides. But I have this horrible nagging feeling that he's not for us. And it makes me feel guilty.

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