Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. But THAT WASN'T A CRACKER.

"You're going to puke," I warn Aikane as he swallows the last bite of the frozen, rotten tomato he found in the back yard.

I know better than to try to get it away from him. When he has a treasure in those Jaws of Steel very little can persuade him to let go.

He ignores me and runs toward the house.

I forget about the tomato when, later, I climb into bed with the Buds flanking me. The DNB is on call, so they get to sleep with me, all of us Bed Hogs vying for more space as we sleep. Aikane stays, as usual, completely under the covers, while Ka Liko prefers to sleep directly on my head.

At 3am, I awake to find Aikane atop the pillows with Ka Liko. Seeing an opportunity to take over the whole of the lower bed, I roll over and stretch my legs.

And feel something wet.

And chunky.

Gagging, I turn on the lamp, throw back the covers, and try to figure out how long I've been slumbering peacefully in a pool of dog vomit.

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