Tuesday, December 11, 2007

He may be making up for the faux fur stocking

The DNB buys a heater!

Not just any heater, mind you, but a kerosene-fueled, jet engine, super-manly heater designed to turn our detached garage into a balmy Husband Haven even in the deadest of winter.

"Come see it!" he urges. He spent two hours driving through the state's first major snowstorm to pick it up, and clearly refusing is not an option.

So I try to bow out gracefully. "Oh, that's okay. I'm sure I wouldn't appreciate it."

He looks so sad that I finally agree, bundling up for the trek through the blowing snow out to the garage. He plugs in the heater, and it roars to life. It not only looks like a jet engine, it sounds like one too.

"Wow!" I shout.

We stand in front of where it is positioned on the floor. My hands and face are freezing, while my pants are in very real danger of melting off.

I nod encouragingly at the DNB. "Really great!" I yell, moving towards the door. "I'm going back to the house!"

"You don't want to stay out here?" he asks my retreating figure. "Where it's warm?"

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Kyle said...

The DNB needs to make sure he doesn't asphyxiate himself with kerosene heater exhaust. Or light himself on fire - I happen to know that this could be a distinct possibility.