Monday, November 26, 2007

The Sound of Silence

As we drive home after Thanksgiving, I fill the hours with my plans for Christmas, thoughts about gifts, and the inevitable tangential thinking.

Finally, the DNB turns to me. "You are exhausting!" he exclaims. "You've spent the last three hours planning, and it's stressing me out!"

"But planning helps me not stress," I point out. "Plus, it's not really planning; we're just talking."

"We are not talking," he replies. "You are talking, and during the course of this car trip you've used 300% more words than my entire daily allotment."

I don't have time to Rue the Day we ever discussed the "daily word allotments" of men and women because he goes on. "You are like a never-ending stream of consciousness; it's hilarious."

"Fine," I say, sitting back against my seat. "Well now I just don't feel like I can talk at all."

"That won't last long," he mutters.

We keep driving.

"There was just this one other thing I wanted to tell you," I begin as he rolls his eyes.

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