Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She Said, He Said

When I give directions as we drive: "Next you'll cross a set of railroad tracks. After that, look for 21st Street on the right. About, oh, 34 yards after 21st you'll see a BP station on the north-west corner of an intersection. Turn right at that light."

When the DNB is navigator: "Turnturnturn!!"


Kyle said...

This reminds me of a conversation I had with the DNB and the DNB's illustrious brother about the role of the passenger/navigator in an emergency situation (i.e. stopped cars ahead and the driver isn't looking, etc). Most people's reaction would be to scream, or yell, or say HEY! or something along those lines. But the DNB's brother requests - in a situation like that listed above - a full verbal rundown on what is going on.
"I don't want to hear someone grunting or screaming or something like that, give me some information! Just say there are cars stopped ahead and we'll be fine."

S said...

I think I could be convinced to do that when I'm a passenger, if the driver agrees to do the Driver Arm Thrust Maneuver which usually occurs when the driver realizes he's about to slam on his brakes and throws his arm across his passenger's chest. Quick grope optional.