Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Space is Too Personal

I receive the most thorough waxing ever!

The woman who does it is my age, friendly and talkative. She's from the north, and says "rut" instead of "root" when she describes how the hair is being pulled.

An hour and a half into the process, she's finishing my bikini line and squints down at me, examining her work. She bites her lip, and I can tell things are about to get uncomfortable.

"Do you mind if I . . . just . . . get this ingrown hair here?" she asks.

"Um, sure," I reply. I guess if she doesn't mind, I don't.

She bends, squeezing and prodding. "Yes!" she says after a moment. "Isn't it weird how the hair is so long when you finally get it out?"

Weird? Yes. The whole thing was weird. Weird and wonderful.

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