Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hopefully He'll Be Willing to Pay for Their Food

I find the perfect crib for Madeline and Kirby!

It's the gorgeous sleigh bed pictured below, from Pottery Barn Kids. In fairness to me, I wasn't just perusing baby accessories - HEAVEN FORBID - I was searching for the perfect shower gift for a friend of mine who is extremely Great with Child.

"I found the perfect crib for Madeline and Kirby!" I announce to the DNB when he comes home from work.

"Oh great, this is how it starts," he groans. I explain to him that I wasn't just perusing baby accessories, but in trying to find a gift for my friend ran across this most beautiful of baby beds.

"How much is it?" he asks of the crib.

"Umm," I hedge. "It's a conversion bed that becomes a toddler bed, too!"

"That's great. How much is it?" Since when was he so persistent?

"$999," I mumble.

"WHAT?!" the DNB bellows.

"Why do you hate our unborn children so much?" I ask, frowning.

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