Monday, November 12, 2007


The DNB gives blood regularly so he can earn free t-shirts and Subway sandwiches. Recently , he was also given one free ticket to the AMC theater of his choice. There's just such a theater fairly close to our house, but when we tried to use the free ticket, we were told it was invalid for shows out less than two weeks. Awesome. So we paid full price for two tickets, determined to do our research next time.

And a few weekends ago I did. I checked the release dates of every movie playing at the theater and chose from the extremely limited selection of older films. When we got to the ticket window, we were again denied. We asked to talk to the manager, and I calmly pointed out that if the movie was released on October 5, coming to see it on the 20th would be 15 days later, which is, by definition, more than two weeks.

The pimple-faced manager insisted that it had not been two weeks, but that we could use our passes on Monday. I'm not sure what is not two weeks about 15 days, but the stubborn teenager wouldn't budge.

Disgusted, I walked out, refusing to spend any money at that theater. But unfamiliar with the movie theaters in town, we didn't know of any other ones to patronize.

"Wait!" I exclaimed as I dug through my purse. "I have two passes to a Regal Cinema!" Google 411 told us that the closest Regal Cinema was in a town about 30 minutes away.

The DNB wanted to just go back into the AMC, buy two tickets, and let it go, but I couldn't. On principle. So we drove way out to BFE, where the Regal employee cheerfully took our passes for a film that had JUST BEEN RELEASED, and politely directed us to our movie.

I have never been theater-loyal. But now I am. Because it's the principle.


dana said...

I'm with you on this one.

Unknown said...

I am too. Had to laugh the way you described the pimple-faced teen manager.

S said...

Nice to have some empathy... Welcome, Kip!

chris alan jones said...

Well said. I have done the same thing at businesses that have irritated me with their shenanigans.