Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why We Call it a Nistic

[Note: may be unsuitable for younger readers. And our moms.]

The DNB makes disparaging comments about women.

I feel a duty to stand up for the fairer sex. "You're so misogynistic," I proclaim before leaving the room to have a topless pillow fight with some sorority girls.

When I return, the DNB smiles lasciviously. "I'd like that massage now," he remarks.

"What?" I reply, confused. "I never said anything about a massage."

"Yes you did. You said something about massaging my Nistic." He gestures toward his Cash & Prizes. "C'mon baby, massage my Nistic."

It is bad. It is the worst I've heard, in fact. But it kind of makes me laugh. Not that I oblige, but that, my friends, is how Princess Sophia got a new name.