Saturday, October 13, 2007

When I'm Not a Raging Inferno of Hotness

I shut the air conditioning vents on my side of the car. It's 90 degrees outside, and although we're in the DNB's Vehicle of Death, the barrage of frigid air is too much for me. The DNB is drinking his usual super-heated venti coffee and has turned the air conditioner on full blast.

I shiver.

Out of nowhere, the DNB says a truly hurtful thing. "You're such a cold person."

I pause, stunned. "Well, I know I can be a little dispassionate sometimes, but I'm really working on that. I'm trying to become a nicer person, it's just that being nurturing doesn't really come that naturally to me. I'm sorry I can be so horrible sometimes." I'm nearly in tears.

He lets me go on for another minute or two before interrupting. "Wow. I just meant that you're always freezing."

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