Monday, October 29, 2007

Exerpts from ShineOn!, "A Newspaper of Service & Service Learning" Published by the Minneapolis Youth Development Program

I hate to make fun of kids, but . . . no, actually, I love making fun of kids. Who am I kidding? Here are some special selections from the "I Have a Right" essay contest.

2nd Place High School Winner:

"To be truthful, kids should be heard more than anyone else in the nation, because kids are important, and they should be in the center of the biggest circle." I think maybe she's referring to the Circle of Life.

"Now, don't get me wrong, adults have a say-so in things too. They should be secondary say-so's because adults should put children in the center of opinion."

"Adults could use some advice from children, because you never get too old to learn new." I feel like there's a word missing from the end of the sentence.

"If babies could talk, I also think they should have a point of view of their own."

"I could be having fun with my friends at the mall instead of listening to just an ordinary little kid. But no . . . . "

2nd Place Middle School Winner:

"Hey, my name is Jabre ... and I'm tired just like all the other kids and teens to come to school where people may brings guns and make threats to bomb the schools down."

". . . You know it's been crazy!" I know, Jabre, I know. CRAZY!

"I just don't know why people have to die and the parents died on the inside." People have to die because of the Circle of Life. See above.


We sit for a moment after the DNB and I read the essays together.

"Wow, what horrible writing," the DNB says.

"The whole thing sounds like a cry for help," I reply.


dana said...

Well, since you're an adult, clearly your opinion on these writings is a secondary say-so. You should put a child in the center of this opinion.

Then we could all stand in the circle around the child and point and laugh...

S said...

Now THAT is hilarious.