Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Day I Learned to Give

When I was five or six, I wanted a Barbie more than anything. More than ice cream for dessert, or sugary cereal for breakfast, or World Peace.

My mom, as all good conservative mothers should, determined that Barbies create unrealistic images of what a female should look and act like (check out those knockers). No unmarried skeevtastic dolls for me! Fortunately, Mattel came out with the Heart Family. It was Barbie, only as a mother! She looked the same, but now she had finally married Ken and had a couple of kids. Good, wholesome Barbie.

So I set my sights on obtaining the Heart Family. Because there were four of them, they cost more than Malibu-Airline-Zookeeper Barbie. I saved my pennies, doing extra chores to earn enough.

And then Christmas approached. My elementary school held a Winter Wonderland! The cafeteria was covered in fake snow, and table upon table contained precious Christmas treasures we could buy for our friends and loved ones. I spent all of my hard-earned money buying mugs and candles and snow globes for my family.

It hit me later that I didn't have anything left in my Heart Family Fund. But no matter, there were Christmas presents to wrap, and I had bought them all myself. With my money.

Three days later, a package arrived. Wrapped in brown paper, with scrawling anonymous handwriting, it was addressed to me. I tore it open. Inside was the Heart Family.

If my mother knows who sent it, she has never admitted it to me. Instead, it remains a kind of Christmas miracle. A real-life give and it shall be given unto you.


dana said...

I'm not gonna lie, I got a little misty-eyed at this one.

Remind me to tell you my Heart Family story sometime...

Anonymous said...

I actually sent it. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I thought it would come in handy for some future good graces.