Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Bond that Unites Humankind

I cannot change lanes!

I try once or twice, unsuccessfully, because there's a car immediately to my right. The driver matches my speed.

"Come onnnnnnnn," I mutter. I miss my turn and slow as I approach a line of cars at a red light. The car next to me slows too, even though the lane in front of it is clear to the intersection.

I begin to get a tiny bit freaked out, flashing back to the Pervert Truck Driver.*

Finally, the driver of the creepy speed-matching vehicle honks. I look over. An older man is smiling, waving, and mouthing something as he gestures to me. "Same car!" his lips say with delight.

"Wow," I exclaim. More because someone obstructed traffic for nearly a mile just to point out to me that we drive the same vehicle. Less because in this vast universe someone else also drives a dark blue Audi A6.

He opens his sunroof and sticks his hand out to wave at me as the light changes. I realize what a cynical bastard I can be, and wave back.

* See yesterday's post.

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