Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beauty Central

The Pureology NanoWorks System is what LSB has infamously dubbed "Hair Crack." She ain't kidding. The scent is divine, and it leaves my hair more shiny and soft than any other shampoo and conditioner. Ever. Billy Madison could go on for hours about NanoWorks. It's expensive, yes, but it's the best $100 you'll ever spend.

[Note to the DNB: it only cost $1.99!]

I think I had a panic attack the last time I ran out of my Redken Clear Moisture Instant Polishing Prep. You put it on when your hair is wet, and it detangles, softens, and increases shine. Apparently one little bottle contains more silicone than Pamela Anderson's boobs, which is saying quite a lot. It's one of the only hair products I use every single day.

I do love my lip products. This new stain from Laura Mercier started my recent infatuation with her line. It lasts longer than regular lipstick and isn't at all drying. I own two pots of Mocha.

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