Monday, September 17, 2007

Your Empty Promises are Crap

Aikane has an attitude problem.

His name is pronounced eye-KAH-nah, and it's Hawaiian for "friend." Wishful thinking. He was a rescue dog and carries a lot of baggage. Among other issues, he guards everything he can get into his mouth, and me (which he cannot). Pass anywhere within a 150-yard radius of he and his brilliant find, and he'll curl his lips and growl menacingly. "Don't even look at it." And when he gets ahold of something, it is nearly certainly gone forever, or at least until he poos. Jaws of Steel this dog has.

I thought we had tried every indestructible toy In The World - hoping with futility that he would not, subsequently, rip them to shreds and laugh in our poor, naive human faces - until I ran across something billed as an EVERLASTING TREAT.

It had potential.

I brought home two, one for each Bud, because heaven forbid things not be entirely equal. And even then, they'll eye each other's treats because each one looks so much better WHEN MY BROTHER IS EATING IT. I am clearly not ready for children. Have I said that before?

Ka Liko quietly went to work on his Everlasting Treat, as content as the day is long. Aikane, obviously, went into SUPER NANO DESTRUCTION MODE as soon as he planted himself in the middle of the couch.

He finished off this alleged Everlasting Treat in less than 10 minutes. Which was impressive since he spent 7 of them growling at me because, I don't know, I wanted to walk around in my own house.

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