Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Really, When a Man Needs Bacon

After perhaps reading this post, the DNB did, in fact, go to the store to buy himself some bacon. He fried it up (bacon in a pan on the stove? I had never seen this until I started dating him) and made some delicious breakfast sandwiches with it. I thought he got it out of his system.


At 10:30 last night, he appears from rummaging in the refrigerator. He too casually takes a seat on the sofa, his hand obscuring a small package. When he thinks I'm not looking, he opens it quickly and dumps some of the contents into his mouth.

I sit up straight as I glimpse the lettering on the package.

"Baby . . . ?" I ask in disbelief. "Are you eating . . . Bacon Bits??"

He averts his eyes. "Maybe not . . . "

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