Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Maybe He'd Like a Beer so He Could Be More Stereotypical

As it turns out, both the DNB and I love high kicks and sleeper holds.

Although we occasionally use them on each other, which always ends in tears*, we more often enjoy them through the relative safety of cable television and the Ultimate Fighting Championship league.

We lie in bed, watching while we chat. Because there's no better way to wind down from your day than watching some loser tap out as his windpipe is crushed. And by while we chat, I clearly mean while I chat and the DNB makes the obligatory I'm Mostly Listening sounds where appropriate. He is enthralled with the fight and is imagining what type of take-down maneuvers he will use when he becomes an Ultimate Fighter.

At one point, I say something embarrassingly gushy and turn to gaze at him adoringly.

"OH MAN!" he shouts, his eyes on the screen. "That kick totally spun him around!"

I sit up, the moment gone, hoping for a replay. "Geez," I tell him, "I keep talking and missing the best parts!"

"Yes," the DNB replies solemnly. "Let that be a lesson to all of us."

* His.

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