Thursday, September 6, 2007

damn it feels good to be a gangsta

I leave the city!

I haven't been out since I got here, and although Savage isn't exactly the wilds of Minnesota (despite its name), it's nice to travel far enough down the interstate that the HOV lane ends. The purpose of my trip is to find Gjerdes Solar Shield, a company which will have the sad task of removing the tinting from my car windows. I've rather liked feeling like a Pimped Out Gangsta in my super tinted vehicle, but Minnesota won't allow any tinting on the windshield, and only very little on the other windows.

Since Gjerdes closes at 5:30, long before the DNB could ever get off work to pick me up (although he's promised to leave by 4:30), I'm anticipating a long wait and am hoping to find a Starbucks close by to kill time.

Inside the store, I explain what I need done - "I need the tinting removed from all of the windows of my car."

"All of the windows? The windshield too?" the customer service representative asks.

"Yes," I reply.

"Is the windshield actually tinted completely, or is there just a sun visor tint at the top?" she confirms.

"Completely tinted," I say, quite sure. I have, after all, been inside my car.

"Let's take a look," she says, walking to the window. I have no idea why she doesn't believe me.

"Oh my goodness!" she exclaims upon seeing my car. "Did you get a ticket for that?"

"No," I tell her. "But I will once I get Minnesota plates . . . which is why I'm here."

She runs to the back of the store and comes back to the window followed by a string of employees. They all make Norwegian-accented sounds of surprise.

"Oh geez!" says one man. "Where did that car come from?" A few customers get up to take a gander as well.

"It wasn't me," I try to explain to the assembled group. "The guy I bought it from did it! He had an eye problem!"

Everyone laughs.

I sigh and head for the door. "I'll be back on Friday to pick it up."

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Unknown said...

I had to laugh when you said you heard Norwegian-accented sounds of surprise. Reminded me of Fargo.