Monday, September 24, 2007


As we drove through a quaint part of town this weekend, we spotted an interesting-looking Mexican restaurant. Hungry and looking for a good meal, we decided to try it. It wasn't Mexican, it was Southwestern, and it wasn't just interesting, but also fairly swanky. No matter, the menu looked fantastic.

As we were seated, I noticed that most of the patrons were older, silver-haired couples dressed in business casual. My shirt and capris were a little dressed down, but we were seated in a quiet corner and settled in for a delicious meal.

Our server took a while to arrive, and when she did, wasn't particularly friendly. Our waters weren't refilled, and our appetizer was delivered after the table next to us got theirs. Which wouldn't have been too terribly concerning, even though we both ordered the same item - except we placed our request ten minutes before the other patrons were seated. Our "table-side" guacamole was prepared in front of us without a single word, while, again, the Joneses were given a lively description of the ingredients. The whole night, they got better, more friendly service, despite the fact that they shared an entree and drank iced tea. We both ordered full meals, and I had Sangria. Our server wasn't following the big spenders.


We were young and a little under dressed. But we were polite to a fault, giving a server no reason to ignore us so completely.

What's unfortunate is that we've encountered this too many times before. Not to get hoity-toity, but our server ignored a doctor and a (soon to be) attorney, new to the city and looking for places to spend money and have nice meals. Not only that, but we're loyal to a fault when we have good shopping or dining experiences.

This is why I shop exclusively at Lund's, instead of the cheaper alternative down the street. This is why I choose Nordstrom over Macy's. No matter what I'm wearing (and believe me, when I stopped by Nordstrom after taking a final last fall, I was not looking good), or what preconceptions the employees may have about me, the level of customer service I've come to expect has never wavered.

Because it's the right thing to do and because you never know.

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