Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Needs Children When You Have Dogs?

One of the nice things about nights when the DNB is on call, other than the fact that no one humps my leg, is that the Buds get to sleep with me. Because I'm the fun parent.

They're not often allowed in bed with us when the DNB is home because of all these silly reasons like, "Aikane takes up half the bed" and "I want a good night's sleep." So when Mean Ol' Dad is away, the Buds scramble up onto the bed with me and get comfortable.

Until 3:05am. When they wake and decide to frolic, running under and over the bed, chasing each other and barking.

"BUDS!" I holler, sitting up in the dark. "Mommy has to do this one!" I flop back down and pull the covers over my head. It's Bud-language, and they understand and settle down. Aikane positions himself directly in the middle of the bed.

At 4:30am, they eyeball me quietly, looking for signs of life. They once again jump on and off the bed, waiting for me to get up. Liko approaches to within an inch of my face and peers at me. Finally they both end up on the floor by the door, sitting patiently and watching me intently.

"Ok, ok!" I finally say, reluctantly getting my ass out of bed to feed them breakfast and let them outside. They bound downstairs, their little bodies squirming with fits of joy. BREAKFAST! POTTY! TWO OF THE ONLY FOUR THINGS WE DO EVER!

By 4:50am, we're all back inside. This time, I put them in their own bed and sleepwalk back to mine.

Being the fun parent is so exhausting.

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