Sunday, August 5, 2007

Taaaaaap It In

The DNB's work schedule has made my first week in Minneapolis pretty lonely and boring. I've enjoyed decorating and watching mindless TV, reading the last POTTER book (that's what we call them in our house - "POTTER" in a sinister tone), and getting my Closet Room set up. But with two normal work days and then 30 hours of call in an endless cycle, the DNB hasn't been around much for summer lovin' and companionship.

I clearly needed my Happy Place.

So off I go on the short drive to the Mall of America where the Cities' only Nordstrom is located. Ah, Nordstrom. It was everything it needed to be for me - the first floor a haven of shoes, makeup, perfume, handbags, and jewelry.

I return home, my purse a little lighter, bearing gifts for the DNB and perhaps an item or two for myself. It is the Anniversary Sale, after all. Delightful.

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