Monday, August 6, 2007

An Open Letter to the Guy Next to Me in the Tricked-Out, Bling-Max Sports Car

Dear Bad-Ass,

I got you, bro. You've got an image to maintain.

You've got the car. You've got the sunroof open. You've got the rims. You've got the too-tight muscle tee. You've got the expensive sunglasses. You've got the gangsta music blaring.

But when you parked and walked into the tanning salon, you shot it all to hell. Just FYI.

Peace out,


Kyle said...

I think that, by the way it sounds, that this dude wasn't just driving a Tricked-Out, Bling-Max Sports was a Tricked-Out, Bling-Max X-Treme Sports car. I hope that he didn't get burnt in the tanning salon, because leather seats in the summer can be unforgiving on tender skin.

S said...

As can pleather, which I believe is what comes standard with most Tricked-Out, Bling-Max X-Treme Sports Cars. At least those that start out as 1991 Accords.