Saturday, August 18, 2007

One Can't be Good at Everything

The DNB and I take online quizzes!

We start with the Nerd Test. The DNB scores 87% nerd, I score 12%. Clearly we are yin & yang and were destined from birth - he to teach me the intricacies of the periodic table, me to teach him about exfoliation.

He takes the ChemTest.

"You know, I tested out of chemistry in college," I brag.

I try the first few questions. I find my stellar chemistry knowledge somewhat lacking on this particular day. Valance electrons? Which subatomic particle consists of a positive charge? What is the most active nonmetallic element? Umm, yeah. I wonder briefly how, exactly, I passed that test.

The DNB chuckles to himself.

"I quit," I say in a huff. "I'm taking the Spoiled Brat Quiz."

1 comment:

dana said...

I took the Nerd Test - I got 41%