Saturday, August 11, 2007

Large Pizza Bianca $19.75. Delivered by a Caped Crusader? Priceless.

A Super Hero arrives at our house!

He is bringing us our pizzas, and my 27-year-old husband giggles all the way to the front door.

"He's wearing tights!" the DNB announces as he returns to the living room with our dinner.

My white pizza is spectacular, with artichoke hearts and goat cheese topping an olive oil and garlic base. Yum. It's from Galactic Pizza, a local pizza joint that bills itself as offering "Pizza With A Conscience." Ordering for delivery is key, if for no other reason than to have one of their costumed delivery persons arrive via a 100% electric vehicle. The company uses wind energy and local produce, and most of its toppings are organic.

"Maybe you can figure out how to make it yourself," the DNB's mother suggests, when I tell her how delicious the pizza is.

What, and forgo the chance to watch a grown man in little tights and a cape prance up to my door? Never.

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Anonymous said...

That is the greatest anything ever.