Friday, August 31, 2007

"He did a twist on it"

Because the DNB has been working such long hours and is extremely exhausted, I have a fabulous surprise for him when he comes home.

"I have a fabulous surprise for you!" I tell him when he arrives, two hours past his 30 hour call limit.

"Beer and a blowjob?" he asks.

"Or, NO-BAKE COOKIES!" I shout, directing him to the fridge. No-Bakes are one of his all-time favorite cookies, just after Snickerdoodles (which I believe do not have any place in the dessert world because they contain no chocolate).

His eyes widen and he makes a gutteral sound that I hope indicates pleasure.

Later, half the No-Bakes gone, we sit on the couch talking. The DNB leans back and closes his eyes.

"I could still go for some beer and a blowjob," he notes.

"Too bad - we're fresh out of blowjobs," I tell him sadly. "If only you had gotten home before the mailman came around . . . "

". . . then he would have given me a blowjob?" the DNB suggests.


dana said...

Cover your ears, children.

I thought this was a family restaurant?

Oh, and can you have no-bake cookies on hand when I come visit? *Grin*

S said...