Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who Wouldn't Dig this Bathroom, Clyde?

Our bathroom is Seriously Tiled!

Floor, walls, and ceiling - the room could not be more tiled. It's a dusky rose-ish pink color, with black accents. Perfect, as my mother pointed out, if we were going ape for the sock hop, Daddy-O. But as fate would have it, we're well past the fifties and I've only recently embraced the color pink for my person. To say it's a little much for an entire room would be an understatement.

So I've researched the hell out of how to do away with the Poodle Skirt Powder Room. We could re-tile the whole thing, which would cost a pretty penny or 5,000. We could paint over it. It is possible to do this, although you have to be very careful and I have a feeling our landlord wouldn't be all about that idea. Or we could work with it. Damn.

To this latter and decidedly more fiscally responsible end, I venture out to find bathroom accessories. My goal is to complement without conceding. I am armed with the door to our laundry chute as a color swatch because yes, dolly, it is tiled too.

It is with great pleasure and a tiny "YES!" in the middle of the first store that I find what I am looking for: a shower curtain. It contains a slightly darker and less ugly dusky rose, with greens and browns in a retro-type pattern. On clearance, nonetheless. If I ignore the black accent tiles, the curtain ties the room together beautifully.

I set it up and step back to admire my handiwork. It works. It really works.

It's a sad day when your bathroom decor teaches you life lessons. I do so hate to get all cliche and gushy and whatnot, but lately I've been obsessing over a number of frustrating things in my life that I cannot change. Seriously obsessing. I guess my ugly bathroom reminded me that instead of fighting against them with such vigor, as tends to be my usual course, maybe I would find that everything can come together harmoniously in the end, if I just worked with and not against the Poodle Skirt Powder Rooms of life.


amberlou36 said...

Picture please.

Anonymous said...

I second that.