Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We Venture Forth, Desiring to Buy in Bulk

We enter the DNB's Vehicle of Death!

Black on black, with an A/C that occasionally pumps out air colder than the ambient temperature, it makes my ass immediately sweat.

"I think I'm stuck to the seat," the DNB says.

I've looked up the Target and Costco online, but, not familiar with the city, have only a vague idea of where to go.

"Are there highways that end in 94 here?" I ask, pressing my face to the air vents.

"There are two," the DNB replies. "One is south and one is north." He's getting cranky in the heat.

"Well the Costco is by a highway that ends in 94 and a road that starts with a Z."

"Does it start with a Z or with an X? There's one with an X by a highway that ends in 94." He tries to unstick his legs from the seat.

"I'm pretty sure it's a Z," I reply.


We eventually stumble across the Target, just as the air conditioner begins to work.

The DNB won't let me buy an inflatable pool for the backyard, even though it's clearly a need and not a want, and I pout my way up to the check-out.

"Do you know where the closest Costco is?" we ask the cashier. He doesn't, but four other people in the vicinity do, and offer directions.

"Or you could go across Cedar Run," suggests a fifth person, a cashier from another aisle.

"But if they're not familiar, that could get confusing," points out one of the four.

"It's off of 394," his wife says. "Take the Xenia exit." Ah, 394 it was. And the road did start with an X. The DNB doesn't rub this in. Much.

We get back into the car, and make our way to the Costco, marveling at how helpful everyone was.

"I'm going to need 5 lbs of gummi bears STAT!" the DNB directs. "Who can get me to Costco?"

I laugh, glad to part of this state with its friendly people.

"Even though I'll only be able to eat 1 lb before the other 4 get stale!" the DNB continues.

"Although, hard gummi bears are the best kind," I point out.

"Ah, true," he concedes.

We drive on, towards the road that starts with an X.

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