Friday, July 20, 2007

Non Sequitur

The cab driver glances at me in the rear-view mirror. "Where are you flying today?" he asks.

"Indianapolis," I reply.

"Is that in Indiana?"

I pause. "Um, yeah."

"That's what I thought. We're not supposed to like Indianapolis," he confides.

I don't really want to talk, but I'm intrigued. "Why not?"

"Because they told us our cab system had to be modeled after the one in Indianapolis, that it was going to make fares more affordable so more people would use us. But I called down there and the fares in Indianapolis are more expensive!" he cackles.

There's a lot in his explanation that gives rise to more questions, but I keep quiet. Also, it's difficult to imagine anything in Indianapolis being more expensive than in the Twin Cities, other than perhaps snow removal equipment.

"A lot of people in Indiana have southern accents, that much I know," he says as he forces his way narrowly between two cars in the rush-hour traffic.

"I guess, maybe, some," I respond non-committally, gripping the seat.

"I want to buy land in Tennessee," he tells me as we exit towards the airport.

"Oh, it's nice there. And there's no state income tax." I gather my things.

"Indianapolis . . . " he muses. "Is that south of here?"


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