Sunday, July 22, 2007

More like a Nightmare

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant.

I had just found out about it, and one of my brothers made a huge banner that read "My Sister's Pregnant." Subtle. I remember being extraordinarily upset about the whole thing. The pregnancy thing, not the banner. Plus it was set amongst present happenings, so I was also upset that I wouldn't be able to drink after the Bar. Clearly a major issue.

And as if I needed more reasons to avoid it, other than all the pooing, I heard a lady on the radio this morning talking about how she grew some sort of weird tail-like thing on her ass during her pregnancy. WTF, dude.

The DNB's mother gave me a book about dreams a while ago. I remember it talked about how dreams may be our soul's way of speaking to us, uncovering our fears and putting us back in touch with feelings deeply buried.

If so, I'm with you, Soul. No babies for me, thank you. And while we're talking, it would be helpful if instead of dreaming about irrelevant life situations, you could send me some Bar-related material. Maybe an easy way to remember the steps for rule promulgation or adjudication? Because the Bar, my man, is my current worst fear.

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