Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Joke's on You

My face nearly melts in the heat!

The temperature has reached nearly 100 degrees the past few days.

With a few days' vast experience as a new resident under my belt, I have a theory about Minnesota. It's actually balmy and beautiful all the time, but the locals don't want their state overrun with too-tanned older men in unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts and gold chains nestled in their ample chest hair (gross). So they've created this myth, that every young Minnesotean swears to perpetuate, that it's freezing all the time and when it's not, the mosquitos will eat you alive.

So far it's not true, none of it. The weather has been sunny and beautiful, hot but not humid. I haven't been bothered by a single mosquito; they're probably hiding out in the shade trying not to exert themselves like the rest of us.

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