Monday, July 16, 2007

Don't Call Me, and . . . Really, Don't Call Me

I receive a second telemarketing call!

Well, less telemarketing and more fundraising, which is allowed. Darn.

"Hello ma'am, the purpose of this call is to thank the community for their support of the Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers," the caller informs me. Huh. I know Minnesotans are quite activist when it comes to supporting causes, but . . .

"Pennsylvania?" I ask.

"Yeah, why, where are you?"


"Oh, well, we believe that keeping drugs out of our schools and off our streets is important, wouldn't you agree?" he presses forward. Ah, the classic Get Them to Start Saying Yes scheme.

"Yes, of course," I respond dutifully. I'm not about to get catty with the police, even if they are in Pennsylvania.

"Can the Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers count on your financial support to help them continue their important work?" the caller inquires. I'm beginning to realize that the point of the call isn't just your usual Pennsylvania Police-Minnesota Citizen Lovefest, as was previously indicated.

I'm still trying to get over the Pennsylvania thing. Really? Ann?

"Well, the problem is," I explain politely, "that the Pennsylvania police aren't doing all that much to keep drugs out of schools and off the streets of Minnesota. So if I'm going to donate, I think it's going to have to be to the police of the state I. live. in." I am hopeful that this reasonable answer will keep me off the Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers' Blacklist.

"Yeah, I understand," says the caller, with resignation. "Have a good day."

We both knew this wasn't going to be a big-ticket call.

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