Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have big plans to post more on the Dread Bar Exam in the coming days, but my initial impressions are as follows:
  • In some twisted way, I felt like it should have been more difficult for all of the months and days I spent preparing
  • However, don't let that lead you to believe it wasn't hella hard
  • Just because three to four items have been designated as "Rarely Tested" by your bar review lecturers doesn't mean they won't show up on your exam, to teach you a lesson
  • Finishing is anti-climactic. There's no fanfare, banners, applause, etc. One second you're totally and completely focused on the task at hand, and the next it's done.
  • I'm exhausted - I spent seven hours writing yesterday, and six hours filling in bubbles today. Oh, and I also used my brain a lot.
Results won't be released until the end of September. Believe me, you'll know if I passed.

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