Saturday, June 9, 2007

Things I Wouldn't Know About, If Not For The DNB:

  • Snow in Japan
  • How those little ships get into the bottles
  • What the recirculation button in my car does, but not its appropriate use because I stopped listening
  • 100 different names for the, ahem, male member
  • The difference between a Colorado Bulldog and a Cleveland Steamer (you don't want to mess those two up)
  • How salt brings out all the other flavors, which is why you should use it, even in cookies, even though you wouldn't think it'd be good
  • One reason that a woman might miscarry, and how it might be God's way of taking home babies who might not make it
  • That Sprite can cure all matter of ailments
  • How to turn on the TV, receiver, cable box, DVD player, and proper speaker setting for the respective inputs, using any one of the 4-5 remotes scattered about the living room
  • Why fresh garlic is better than the kind in the little jar, even though the little jar is cute
  • How to start a fire if you have some fire starters and sticks but no fire log
  • That razor blades made for girls really are more moisturizing and effective
  • That no, actually, I am not stronger than he is
  • How to drive in snow
  • The county road grid system and how it, presumably, makes driving out in the country easier
  • How to grill a chicken breast, if someone has already started the grill for you


Anonymous said...

what does the DNB stand for?

S said...

Thanks for reading, anonymous.

This post explains the nickname!