Friday, June 15, 2007

S Tries to Be Generous, Commits Minor Faux Pas

I do a [mostly] good deed!

There is a knock on my car window as I wait in traffic. I cautiously roll it down to find an unlikely looking fellow peering in at me.

"Hello, ma'am. I just got out of Wishard Memorial Hospital," he begins his tale. "And I'm so hungry. I tried to go to Wheeler Mission, but they wouldn't give me anything to eat, so I walked all the way up here, and I'm so hungry, and can you spare some change so I can get something to eat?"

I rummage through my car, trying to find cash. I come up short, but know I've got a snack in my backpack.

"Ah ha!" I proclaim and smile at the hungry man, pulling out the only food I can find. "Here you are!"

I hand him the packet.

He stares at it.

I realize that perhaps a 100-Calorie Pack wasn't the best nutritional option.

He stuffs it in his pocket and walks away.

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