Tuesday, June 5, 2007

One for Him, One for Me

I make an important purchase!

Because of my all-consuming bar review class and study schedule, the DNB handled nearly all aspects of our move, including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. I am of a good mind to make an example of him, so I do some quick research and find the best day spa in Minneapolis. What man wouldn't love a mani-pedi as a reward for all his hard work?

Ah, kidding.* But only about the mani-pedi, not the spa. Oh he's going to the spa, child.

I dial the number. "I'd like to schedule and pay for my husband to come get a massage this weekend," I tell the receptionist. "It's a surprise."

She is cheerful, helpful, and refers to me by my name. I am impressed.

She takes the DNB's full name and phone number and schedules him for this Saturday. Then I give her my credit card information. After I spell my first name, she asks, "S, is your last name the same as your husband's?"

"Actually no," I answer.

I think I love the whole state a little bit more.

* Only once, on our honeymoon, have I convinced the DNB to have his little Hobbit feet tended to, and even then he only did it for the massage chair.

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