Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here's how it'll go down -

This is the big plan, posted here because it gets confusing, and some of you kids are wondering:

The DNB is living in Minneapolis. In an amazing feat of Adderall-propelled diligence, he's managed to unpack nearly the entire house (with help from his mother). He absolutely loves it there, and has been raving about our wonderful neighbors, the fantastic artsy area we live in, and the eclectic food choices. He starts the first day of his pediatric residency orientation today, then is officially an intern starting June 22. I don't anticipate that I'll see much of him for the next 1-3 years.

Meanwhile, I moved back in with LSB in Indianapolis. I'm taking a bar review course - 18 subjects in 6 weeks - which will hopefully not only help me pass the Indiana bar, but also score pretty high on it. A lot of people have wondered why I'm taking the Indiana bar if I'm going to be living in Minnesota. The short answer is timing. The DNB didn't find out where he was matched for his residency until mid-March, after several bar application deadlines had passed.* Also, Minnesota offers generous reciprocity. If I score well above average on the Indiana bar, Minnesota will transfer my score and admit me to practice with no further testing. Two admissions for the stress of one, that sounds like what a reasonably prudent person would go for.

My goal is to get a job working in intellectual property law. I've been working in trademarks and copyright since my first year of law school, and I find it fascinating and stimulating. But since most firms did their first year associate hiring last September, I'm definitely behind the curve. The good news is that I will be doing contract work beginning after the bar until whenever I find a permanent position. This will allow me to continue to be as picky as I've been so far and hold out for something I'll really enjoy, while still keeping the DNB in the manner in which he is accustomed.

So that's the very long and the short of it. Let me know if I've left any burning questions unanswered.

* (see, this is how an asterisk should work) The applications are so involved, it's virtually impossible to put them together at the last minute. For example, the Indiana application requires copies of all traffic tickets you've gotten ever; letters of recommendation; every address you've lived at for the past 10 years; every job you've had since age 18, along with inclusive dates; and on and on. It's, how-do-you-say, thorough.


Anonymous said...

Impressive. I've been in my apartment since October and I'm still not fully unpacked...

S said...

I believe that's why you need a basement.