Friday, June 29, 2007

For sale: used Cadillac, red-hot!

The other morning, my mother calls me.

"Well, we've had some excitement around here lately," she begins.

I'm on my way to class.

My father, she says, is driving home from work when he smells a strange odor. He opens the car window, and realizes that the smell is coming from inside the car. Then, thick black smoke starts billowing out of the CD player. [and not, as my great-aunt noted, because of his poor taste in music]

Smoke is filling the car, so he pulls over into a grocery store parking lot, where he realizes that the CAR IS ON FIRE.

I stop halfway out of my car and sit back down inside. Class can wait.

He calls the fire department. A bunch of firemen show up and determine that the base of the fire is effectively under where the dashboard is, and that they can't just blast water under the hood to put it out.

So they crawl into the smoke-filled car and begin HACKING AWAY AT THE DASH WITH CROWBARS AND HATCHETS. Once the front of the passenger compartment is completely destroyed, they hose down the engine from inside the car and manage to put the fire out.

"And that's our news," my mother finishes. "How are you?"

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