Sunday, June 3, 2007

And He's Got a Big Knob

I program a universal remote!

While the DNB is living it up TwinCities-style, I'm rocking the Girl Time with LSB, a friend from law school. Although LSB has a fabulous new house with both central air conditioning and a hair dryer pre-positioned in my bathroom (feels like a hotel!), there is no boy here to help me perform complicated and manly electronic-type tasks.

What I learn, however, is that men are largely obsolete!

You gentlemen may thank Al Gore for this, as the internet has made the technical world my oyster. With a bit of clever searching - e.g. "program universal remote for polaroid televisions" - I find a wealth, nay even a plethora, of information at my fingerprints. After I press the code search button until the light comes on, then the component button only once, the on/off button only once, wait for 4 minutes and 12 seconds for the TV to turn off, and press and hold the enter button, the remote is programmed!

I verify this by turning the TV on and off a few times. I am a little in awe of my newly acquired skills. I wonder briefly if I should use them for the betterment of mankind, then switch the channel to Bravo.

A moment passes.

I begin to think that the DNB might be good for things other than remote-programming. Perhaps I should keep him around.

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