Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maybe in His Dreams I Cook

The DNB had a rough weekend, most of it spent helping his brother build a deck for his house. According to the DNB, it was the "most elaborate deck ever." Further complicating the situation was the cast of other volunteer builders, members of the DNB's family, a Type A lot who made sure that not a board was the slightest bit untrue. Other than the deck design and rampant OCD, however, the DNB loved every minute of it. He's a handy fellow and enjoys working with wood [insert obligatory joke here]. I didn't attend the deck-building festivities because, as the DNB put it, "You don't build decks." When he helpfully suggested that I might come along to do some "women's work," I declined.

This is all by way of explanation. You see, the DNB fell fast asleep at about 10:30pm Sunday night. The poor little dear was simply beat, and didn't appear downstairs until 11:30 Monday morning. He walked downstairs, clomping deliberately down every step. At the couch, he leaned over until he collapsed onto the chaise.

He looked up at me pitifully, through half-closed eyes, and then asked, "Did you make any no-bake cookies?"


Anonymous said...

well ...? did you?

S said...

I hadn't made any, and I've no idea why he thought I might have. However, the more I think about it, the better they sound. Maybe tonight...