Tuesday, April 3, 2007

There's No Place Like Home, Unless You're in Tahiti

My phone is beeping!

We return from a Date Night picnic outing with the Buds, and I see that "Greg MN" has left a voicemail. As this is a potential future landlord who has been reviewing our application, I feel a sudden urge to pee. We set the phone to speaker mode and crowd around it.

Our application has been approved!

A long-time friend of the DNB, Kyle, must have served us well as a reference, or at least did not give away too much damaging information.* We are very, very excited, as this house, in addition to meeting nearly all of the 31 requirements on our Dream House List, is in the desirable "Uptown" neighborhood - hip, artsy, and a 10 minute non-interstate commute to downtown Minneapolis. Hip and artsy: we will obviously fit in very well.

Some photos of das haus are below for your viewing pleasure. Take special note of the great quantity of futons in the living room - clearly Minneapolis once had a Futon Factory that went out of business in a One Day Only First Buyer Takes All Clearance Sale.

* I.e. the DNB's habit of blowing himself up with dangerous chemicals - although, as this has not yet happened within a home, it is perhaps not relevant for purposes of a rental application.

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julie said...

Hey guys the house is so cute! Congrats on the new crib!